Thank you for agreeing to participate in the 2019 Colorado Health Access Survey, on behalf of the Colorado Health Institute.

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As the letter you received in the mail explains, this survey is part of a study about health care and insurance in Colorado.

This survey is voluntary and confidential. Your answers will be kept confidential and combined with other respondents'. Your decision whether to participate will not impact your insurance, health care, or your relationship with any state or federal agency. The data may be used for future analyses.

The survey takes about 20 minutes but may be shorter. You may pause the survey and finish it at a later time, by selecting the 'Finish Later' button.

You have the right to participate or decline. You can skip any question or stop the survey at any time.

To speak with someone from the organization responsible for this survey, please email Eli Boone at the Colorado Health Institute at

For questions about your rights as a survey participant, please call Kaia Gallager at the Center for Research Strategies at 303-689-0041.

You will need the materials we mailed to you to start the survey.

Please enter the 7 digit Secure Access Code found on the materials we mailed you.